Nayego. Team chat. Ease the flow.

Facilitate open collaboration by making the central tool disappear.

Nayego is a team chat, innovative, new generation.

As the team chat market is overcrowded by copycats, Nayego is different. Nayego stands on shoulders of giants, no re-inventing the wheel, but building on validated pain points.

Open. Structured. Intelligent.

Break the silos!

In large and complex organisations, the team is the unbreakable cell of value delivery.

But most of these teams work in silos, or walled gardens!

Open up your team to transversal collaboration with the organisation, and with you partners, customers and providers, in a controlled manner.

Top-down and bottom-up structure!

Chat was born decades ago, evolved in many iterations, but the same problems persists on.

Group chats are poorly organised in a too flat manner. Conversation flows are mixed and go too fast.

Continuously facilitate teams self-organisation of the global delivery streams, and put some order in conversations at microscopic level.

Learn and adapt

Group chats at scale are a living ecosystem.

Seen from many different angles, there is one persistent need: groom and maintain the system.

With relevant dataviz and learning process, keep your org alive and efficient.

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Nayego is the open and modern solution we were expecting: from a very strong UX to a solid problem solving approach.

Nayego is what we were waiting for

Nayego much better than a full-featured conversational experience, its innovations brings benefits such as team and organisation facilitation.

Nayego goes beyond Team Chat